Code of Conduct


BJJ classes are held with Gi and “no Gi”. The idea is to develop all components and benefits from both forms of training.
Heavy duty Gi’s are needed on Gi training days.
Lycra t-shirts and fight shorts are used for “no Gi” days.
Mouth guard and Knee pads must be used every session to protect against injury.

BJJ Classes Rules

  • Before classes
  • Sign your name on the list at the reception
  • Change clothes in the change room
  • Leave your bags outside the matt

Conduct During Classes

  • Full respect with any instructor at all times.
  • Never grab the face, eye gouge, or bite other students.
  • Be aware Foot locks only allowed between blue belts and above.
  • Knee lock, cervical lock, back slam are absolutely prohibited.
  • Help each other out
  • Always try positions you’ve learnt before.
  • If you are not training, look out for other to prevent injury and if seated keep your legs crossed.
  • Always remember to tap out, to prevent injury to yourself.
  • Try to defend against the submissions, but don’t pass your limits REMENBER YOU ARE TRAINING!
  • Tap out with the hands 3 times on the opponent body or on the ground. If your hands are locked tap out with the foot or just say stop. The other guy should release the submission ASAP after receiving any of these signs.
  • If  you are blacking out or bleeding, stop train ASAP a clean it up.
  • Always ask the instructor if you can drink some water before leaving the floor.
  • Always ask the instructor if you can take off the Gi (uniform)
  • Always inform the instructor if you have to leave earlier or won’t be able to come in the following days.
  • Courtesy and real respect are expected and appreciated at all times By the Master.

Personal Hygiene and Safety

  • There is a first aid Kit at the Dojo (matt area)
  • Must Use a great and strong deodorant at all times!
  • All students must wear a clean, neat uniform, with the correctly coloured belt and strips.
  • Wear footwear on your way to training to ensure clean feet. Leave them outside the matts area.
  • Hands and feet must be clean and fingernails and toenails trimmed short.
  • No jewellery or watches will be worn on the floor.
  • Protective gear (knee pads, mouthguard, and cup protector) must be worn while sparing.
  • Bring a towel with you every class
  • Please always make sure to protect your train mates if you are waiting for your turn. Don’t let them hit each other or the wall accidentally

Conduct In the school

  • Full Respect to every other form of Martial arts.
  • Conduct yourself in a formal, respectful manner at all times when in the school.
  • Keep hands and feet off the walls and mirrors.
  • Always observe matt etiquette in the training area, including bowing when entering or leaving the matt area, and before the start of training with a partner.
  • No chewing gum or food is allowed on the matt or training area.
  • No one under the influence alcohol or prohibited substances may train.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the school
  • Any problems or suggestions you might have during classes should be spoken privately to the instructor.
  • Avoid having loud conversations at the school and always have a t-shirt on at the school facilities.
  • Must Use the change room to get changed.